The Warden

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Our 56″ fire poker that offers the reach and control 2nd to none. If you like to work a fire and impress your friends then this is the model for you!



Grapole® fire poker is our 56″ model. This IS the ultimate outdoor fire manipulator!

This model is best when burning directly off the ground. Whether your enjoying a modest campfire amongst family and friends or if you are in the midst of a clean-up burn, this is the model for you.

The WARDEN can pick up those larger logs right down to those semi-burnt twigs on the ground. Heck, it’ll even pick up those carelessly tossed bottle caps your friends throw around! Have you ever tried to burn clean-up brush from around your property? Pretty hard on the back. The Warden will eat this stuff up like a brood of beavers. Don’t limit the Grapole® to the fire pit alone, it will absolutely come in handy during an out-of-reach scenario. It has been dubbed “the tool with a hundred uses.”

The Warden Grapole® loves your modest campfire but watch it work an aggressive burn.

REMEMBER… always abide by your local fire codes but rest assured the Grapole® is on duty!

• Claws are strategically bent and welded to accommodate many types and sizes of objects
• Solid steel construction
• Powder coated paint
• 3M reflective decals to help you find it in the night
• Mid-shaft grip is black nitrile, medium density foam tubing for comfort and durability
• Resistant to oils and fuels, UV resistant with anti-degradants
• Handle utilizes double dipped synthetic rubber coating for a comfortable, controlled grip that will not crack or peel under normal use and minimal care

Product dimensions: 141cm x 14cm x 10cm  1.8kg – (56″ x 5″ x 4″  4 lbs.)

With minimal care our products will provide generations of fire pit convenience.


Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions142 × 4 × 2 cm

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  1. Jon

    I saw this thing in action this past summer at a friend’s cottage up north and had to have one. I love sitting by a fire and I love clever inventions and the Grapole design is fascinating. Being able to grab a partially burning log and better position it safely is key… It’s amazing how much better you can control your fire and keep the flame burning at a consistently… Less smoke-outs and more flame.

    If you enjoy fire as much as me… you gotta get one of these!

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